Whole30 and Stress

Sorry for "ghosting" these past few weeks. Life threw us a curve ball and I'm just now coming to and getting back to reality. We're all ok, don't worry. And no, I'm not pregnant! I know you thought it :)

In the midst of your suffering and stresses, what do you run to? Most of us run to food. At least, I used to. I knew I was in a bad place when I found myself eating handfuls of Cheerios straight from the box and drinking more than 1 glass of wine at night. Oh, and I would eat ice cream like it was going out of style. AND bread. OH BREAD! It's bad when I'm toasting bagels. For real. 

Stress eating looks different for each person but it's all rooted in the same hole : STRESS. That nasty thing that creeps into your brain and turns your reason inside out, clogs your ears and blinds your eyes. It takes over your senses. To me, it feels like a monster following me every minute of the day. 

 Not this time, silly monster. 

This time, I had enough awareness and practice in self-care to take a deep breath and say, NO, this time will be different. On the night that our world was turned upside down, I could have easily said, I'm ordering a bleep-ing pizza and drinking some bleep-ing beers. Instead, I made this simple meal of frozen cauliflower rice, frozen broccoli, and frozen shrimp. It was all from my freezer and took 20 minutes to make. I forgot to add salt. That didn't matter. 

What mattered? 

I knew that eating ice cream, beer, Cheerios, bread, or anything else that makes me feel like crap - NONE of those foods would solve my situation.

Instead, I chose to fuel my body in the easiest way that I could because I knew that I had a battle ahead of me. Like a warrior, I chose my best armor. 

I continue to cling to my Whole30 choices now more than ever because I know the alternative - binge eating bad food and indulging other unhealthy habits - will only add guilt, unbalanced hormones, and MORE stress to my life.

No, thank you!

Healthy eating won't take away my problems but it definitely won't add to them. It gives me the fuel to confront this monster head on. 

Whatever stresses you have right now, dig deep and see how you can arm yourself with self-care and healthy eating. Just a little bit goes a long way. I'm with you on this journey!