Lent Whole40 - Week 1

Sometimes putting the brakes on let’s you see things more clearly
— Transformers: Rescue Bots (Netflix)

My week started in a beautiful, solemn way: Ash Wednesday. This is a day of prayer and fasthing, when you receive ashes on your forehead with the prayer, "You are dust, and to dust you shall return." What a humbling reminder as we enter into the dessert of Lent. And a Whole40. 

Many people have asked me why I'm doing another round of Whole30. The answer is as simple and as complicated as "because I feel like I need to." My diet is healthy - you all see my pictures! But lately, my approach to food hasn't been healthy. I run to chocolate and wine when I've had a bad day. I've lost track of how I assess whether a food is healthy or not. I say "yes" to treats before I can say "no." These slips happen here and there, and snowball into the feeling of chaos that's all too familiar to me. When I feel that my food choices are happening without my awareness, I need to stop and reassess where I am in my food freedom journey and, if need be, come back to center, come back to Whole30. 

It's very similar with my Lenten sacrifice, a social media fast. I've done this before. Each time, it's because I feel out of control with it. It chains us but we don't know we're slaves until we try to walk away and tug against our cuffs. This is good practice for me to turn inward, be still, and listen. 

One of the most beautiful consequences of this sacrifice: I spend more time with my family. My brain isn't flooded with images of delicious foods or someone's beautifully decorated home. It's filled with Transformers, tic tac toe games, and lots of questions like "why don't lions fly?" It's hard, but the beauty was there, just waiting for me. 

The hardest part is Whole30-ing believe it or not! This is my 4th round. I practically eat Whole30 all the time, but for some reason as soon as I tell my brain,

We’re doing this!
— me

it replies,

I want sugar!
— my brain

Days 1-3 found me battling a lot of cravings, even for dessert, which I never have. Weekends are hard because that's when we tend to let loose a bit, but I'm used to this so I took a deep breath and reminded myself, you do not need a waffle to tell you that it's Sunday. Then I eat my tasty Whole30 meal and tell my brain, "I told you so!" It's one of my favorite Non-Scale Victories. 

My focus right now is to surrender to the process of Whole30 and Lent, and trust that my transformation is happening. I'll update you next week! 


P.S. I used the Whole30 Fast & Easy book these last two weeks for my meal planning and everything I've tried has been so easy and so, so, SO delicious. Especially the Balsamic Chicken. Seriously, you need it in your life. I also zested a mandarin orange for the first time - have you ever tried it? Those little suckers are hard to get at! 

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