High Stress, Low FODMAPS

My body is very sensitive to stress. Just before our wedding almost 7 years ago (has it been that long already?!), I woke up one morning and I couldn't swallow. It was really bizarre, not to mention terrifying. My doctor sent me in for an emergency endoscopy and it turns out I had a yeast infection in my throat. 

YUP. A yeast infection. In my THROAT. When I asked my doctor WTF??? (or something to that effect), she said it was all stress-induced. I was running myself ragged between grad school, wedding planning, and everything else in life. 

That was 7 years ago and stress still wreaks havoc on my body.

The biggest difference this time is that I have several years of Whole30 lifestyle under my belt. By "Whole30 Lifestyle" I don't mean restriction 24/7; rather, the idea that self-care is key to my future mental and physical health. 

My body's response to these stresses has been gradual. I tried to intervene early on but it just wasn't enough. So, here I am. This is a snapshot of my current issues: 

1. Bloating - big time. I look 6 months pregnant (I'm zero months pregnant). This is the most frustrating symptom by far. 

2. Headaches - my migraines have been under control for almost 5 years now. They're starting to rear their ugly heads again.

3. Changes in digestion - I'll leave it at that. You're welcome. 

4. Fatigue - I sleep relatively well (for having 3 toddlers) but sometimes I need a nap by 9am. 

5. Hormonal imbalances

This is a lot to tackle! I'm happy I came up with a plan with both my GI doctor and my local Registered Dietitian, Shelby (she's wonderful, check her out at www.thelunacenter.com

My Plan: 

1. Low FODMAPs diet for 6 weeks. Wondering what the heck that even means? This is a great website to see the list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy. * 

2. Stress Management - I've talked about this before, but I need to dig deeper. We are all works in progress! I'm doing everything from deep breathing to dance parties. 

3. Lemon Water - I want to supplement this process as much as possible and hot water with lemon is a great way to kick start digestion, so I'm trying a cup before meals! So far, I only remember before dinner....giving myself grace! 

4. Prayer - I feel my best when I anchor myself in prayer for the day. I'm trying to find 5 minutes here and there throughout the day when I can stop and see God's presence in my life. Gratitude changes your attitude!

5. Exercise - walking more in nature, taking a couple of gym classes, getting my body moving as much as possible to sweat and get more energy. 

I'll post updates on my low FODMAPs journey on here and my social media pages, so be sure to follow me! 


* I've learned from my Whole30s that I should stay away from dairy and grain products. Low FODMAPs allows these foods, so I'm approaching them with caution. As much as possible, I will avoid them. I'm so happy to have this information from my Whole30s - it's saving me some potentially painful and stressful situations!