Government Assistance Programs 101

Buzz words like "SNAP", "food stamps", and "WIC" are confusing, to say the least, especially when you're the navigating these services. Add to that the stresses one is under when they need these programs, and it's no wonder people despair. 

I'm here to help with that. I've come up with 2 clear and concise visuals for what the differences in these programs are. With this knowledge, I hope you find the confidence and courage to go out there and shop with your head high.  


As you can see, WIC has very little flexibility. They require grain and dairy consumption - as much as you're willing to cash in these checks, that is.

Since these are not Whole30 compliant, you wouldn't be able to do Whole30 solely on WIC. That said, when life gets tough and you have a family to feed, these are essential. Surviving < Whole30.

That brings us to... FOOD STAMPS!




Despite the rumors, the SNAP program is very flexible and easy to navigate in terms of healthy eating. The budget is smaller, but if you know how to prioritize your shopping, you can make your little bit of money go a very long way. 

If you find yourself on this Struggle Bus like us, stay strong. Remember that you are a child of God and no one can take away your dignity. NO ONE. 

Stay tuned for more information and recipes on how we eat healthy on a welfare budget!