Remember my last blog post on stress? Well, here's an update on the score: 

Stress: 589483904

Amanda: 0 

Chronic stress plus a round of antibiotics killed my gut bacteria over the last few weeks. Add to that the grains I ate during our trips and it's no surprise my body isn't happy. 

I'm not a quitter, so I'm taking back my body and telling these bad bacteria to go somewhere else.

I wasn't sure where to start in this battle strategy so I asked my good friend, Katie, for some advice. She is studying to be a health coach (follow her journey at Katie has had quite a journey to healing and recovery, especially with her gut, I feel blessed to have someone to talk to about these issues who I can trust. 

She said I needed to really focus on balancing my gut. But it's not as easy as taking probiotics. There's more to it. I need to cut out some foods and add others. This is also a lifestyle change (sound familiar? #whole30). I need to find better ways of managing stress. Easier said than done. 

So, what's my plan? 

BIG announcement (1).png

Stress Management: 

  • turn off phone at 8pm 
  • social media fast one day a week
  • pray more
  • get back to my afternoon relaxing time while the boys nap/relax

Food Changes

  • reduce cruciferous vegetables
  • cut out seltzer (*sad face*)

I EAT A LOT OF EGGS. At least 3, if not more, a day. I'm one of those weird people who never get sick of eggs on Whole30. My whole family eats eggs - we go through 4 dozen eggs in a week. IT'S CRAZY. 

Now I have to completely re-do my mornings. It's scary and stressful, but I've been through this before, so I'm taking deep breaths and remembering that I. Got. This. 


This weekend, I'm batch cooking a delicious chicken sausage/veggie bake and maybe experimenting with some sweet potato toast. I usually only have eggs for breakfast so I'm hoping it won't be as hard as I think - or maybe it will be. Either way, I'm up for the challenge because I've committed to making my body better. 

I'm also going to incorporate more fatty fish (read: salmon) into my meal plans. To make it easy, I'm going to eat it every day for lunch - it helps me plan my meals better and also helps to budget if I'm buying the same thing. 


I'll keep you all posted on my healing journey. Please say prayers that my gut gets better soon!